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The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is the administrative and clerical arm of the Court.  While the Clerk is elected on a county-wide basis to a four year term, it is not a county office as defined by the Illinois Constitution.  It is a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of State government.  The duties are set forth by statute, Rules of the Supreme Court and Administrative Orders of the local Circuit Court.  The Fayette County Circuit Clerk of the Court is an official of the 4th Judicial Circuit.


The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court maintains the official records for the entire court system, and is the official recorder of documents for filing.  The Clerk of the Circuit Court certifies, binds and prepares records on appeal when cases are appealed from the Circuit Court trial level to the Appellate Court.  The Clerk collects filing fees, fines, costs penalties, assessments and restitution, and distributes those monies on a monthly basis to the county, state, municipalities or proper recipient.  The Clerk is required to attend all sessions of court, keep and preserve complete records of the court, issue process as required by law, and is the keeper of the Seal of the Court.


Court ordered maintenance payments are made in the Clerk's office and distributed to the proper recipients.  Most child support payments are now currently made through the State Disbursement Unit, which the Clerk assists and enters all court ordered support records thereof.  The Clerk is responsible for office staff, including court clerks, and is responsible for maintaining a system of calling and selecting jurors.  An answering machine provides information to prospective jurors the evening before jury duty is required.  Passport applications are provided and accepted for submission to the Passport Agency.  Individuals who wish to view case files and documents in the Circuit Clerk's Office may do so from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday excluding all legal holidays.  Most court records are open to the public with the exception of juvenile and adoption and certain other cases which are impounded and sealed.  Record searches are provided for the satutory fee of $5.00 per name searched.  Copies are $1.00 for first page, $.50 for each of next 19 pages, and then $.25 per page over 20.  Computer generated information is $5.00 per page.


The Circuit Clerk and deputy clerks cannot give legal advice by law.  Individuals who ask legal questions will be directed to consult with an attorney.  Personal checks are NOT accepted.  Cash, money orders, or certified checks are accepted.


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Circuit Clerk's Office

221 S. 7th Street, Room 112

Vandalia, Illinois  62471


Phone: (618) 283-5009

Fax: (618) 283-4490

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Kathy Emerick

Circuit Clerk


Sheila Herbord

Deputy Clerk


Wendy Rine

Deputy Clerk


Carrie Sellers

Deputy Clerk


Stephanie Tyson

Deputy Clerk


Becky McNally

Deputy Clerk


Sandy Gidcumb

Deputy Clerk


Office Hours

8am - 4 pm

Monday - Friday

Excluding all Legal Holidays

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