Fayette County Recording Fee Schedule

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2018, FEES WILL CHANGE.  For the full list of changes click, 'New Fee Schedule'. 
If you have additional questions please contact our office, 618-283-5000.

Standard Documents (8.5” x 11”), 1st 4 Pages $62
Nonstandard Documents (Larger Than 8.5 x 11), 1st 4 Pages $74
Additional Pages After 4 $1 Each
Additional References to Book and Page, and/or Documents Numbers After 1st $1 Each
Surveys $62
Plats of Subdivisions $90
Additional Lots $1 Each

Note: The $10 surcharge applies to all real estate related documents executed on or after August 1, 2005. This surcharge does not apply to any document solely related to a public utility or any documents from a state agency, unit of local government, federal government, or school district.

UCC/Financing Statements

UCC/Financing Statements, continuations, partial releases and amendments, not related to agriculture. (Extra names, attachments or nonstandard forms on any UCC/Financing Statements are no extra charge.) $52
Termination of UCC/Financing Statements $52
UCC/Financing Statement Searches $10
Copy Per Page $1

Note: UCC/Financing Statement searches that are done in the County Clerk/Recorder’s Office may not be a complete search due to agricultural filings being filed in Springfield.


Liens, 1st 4 Pages $62
Additional Pages After 4 $1 Each

Military Discharges No Charge
Certified Copies of Document/Instrument (up to 4 pages)
Each Page After 4th
$1 Each